Our personalized approach distinguishes Legacy
from all other patient experience agencies.

Successful patient experience programs require a depth of understanding and knowledge that most organizations claim but few possess. That knowledge stems from years of practical, clinical and business experience, delivering an in-depth human element that transforms the patient journey to provide increased activation and adherence, resulting in improved clinical and economic outcomes. Legacy optimizes the patient experience while redefining business performance—a balance that Legacy is individually equipped to provide.


Legacy is passionate about patients and, in turn, our clients. We specialize in pharmaceutical, medical device, and clinical trial patient engagement strategies to ensure healthier outcomes for patients and more defined success for you.

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Legacy’s knowledge stems from years of patient engagement training, as well as practical, clinical, and business experience–an in-depth human understanding that transforms the patient journey to deliver increased activation and adherence, resulting in improved clinical outcomes for patients and measurable economic results for our clients.

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Human connection through an honest “tell it like it is” attitude creates a culture of trust. An infrastructure based on honesty and trust activates patients into care, optimizes compliance, and mediates obstacles, ensuring therapeutic adherence, and in turn improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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Transforming the patient experience

We work with healthcare organizations to amplify the powerful voice of patients and caregivers to transform decision-making and create successful outcomes for all.

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