Outcome-focused patient engagement data reporting and analytics delivered to you in real time.

Patient Engagement Data

Insights You Need, When You Need Them

Legacy leverages its patient engagement data to describe, visualize, and summarize information and processes that help to elevate the overall patient experience. This data leads to actionable insights and recommendations that help improve each program workflow to make it more engaging, efficient, and optimized for the best outcomes for both clients and patients.

Patient Engagement Data Capture, Design, and Deployment Services:

  • Master Architecture of End-to-End Patient Touch Points​
  • Patient Engagement Program Design
  • Dynamic Assessments ​
  • Patient Engagement Data Insights and Segmentation​
  • Adherence, Gaps in Care, and Abandonment Alerts​
  • Behavioral-based Care Pathways
  • Full Marketing Integration with Digital, Voice and Print Communications
  • Listening and Predictive Analytics, and Feedback Reporting at Every Interaction​
  • Integration with Call Center, Hub Services, Specialty Pharmacy, and Data Aggregators​
  • Integration with Other Platforms and Enterprise Systems​