For every patient, the journey can be different.​ We create custom solutions that deliver to a patient's specific needs.

Patient Engagement Workflows

Care Pathways: Dynamic Patient Engagement Workflows that Change with the Patient’s Needs

With Legacy’s tailored patient engagement workflows, dynamic assessments, digital content, and multi-channel communications, care managers gain visibility into the patient’s journey, and they ultimately help keep patients more adherent to their treatment plans.

Patient Engagement Workflow Design and Management Services:

  • Customized adherence programs designed to meet patient needs at all stages of their journey, not just at the front end. Duration, segmentation, cadence and language are tailored to support optimum adherence​
  • Care Pathways, Assessments, and Surveys to maximize patient engagement, flag at-risk patients, enable proactive outreach and optimize outcomes​
  • Dynamic, personalized workflows created to optimize patient engagement and decrease abandonment​
  • Programs are designed with outcomes identified first, resulting in patient engagement that is validated by data and results