Patient engagement is a core business strategy. Especially when it comes to care management.

Care Management

As part of the Legacy Care Model, Care Management provides 100% patient-focused, independent, and unbiased patient support and coaching through numerous touch points.

Our JOURNEY-Certified Care Managers

By leveraging PATH®, our workflow management software tool, and JOURNEY® Learning, as well as the expertise of registered nurses, social workers, patient ambassadors or other patient managers, our Care Management Teams improve compliance, patient satisfaction, and desired outcomes.

Training Your Care Managers in JOURNEY Learning

Your care managers receive specialized training that enables them to connect with patients and engage with them throughout their treatment journey. Or leverage our care managers that we provide are all JOURNEY Learning trained.

We can provide or revise your call guide while integrating JOURNEY Learning methodologies.

Third party call monitoring ensures that excellent service level standards are maintained at all times.

Our Care Management includes:

  • Key performance indicators and service level standards to augment your in-house workforce
  • Care providers, who are trained to meet client and patient goals, and help ensure program compliance
  • Proactive support to avoid treatment gaps
  • Dynamic engagement through individualized goal setting and wellness plans for increased patient satisfaction
  • Customized communications for personalized patient care
  • Behavioral/attitudinal-based interventions so that each message resonates with the patient
  • Phone, email, text, and in-person touch points because each population responds to communications in different ways
  • Patient advocacy integration, so that the community is inspired with stories of hope and successfully graduated patients stay involved

Centerfirst™ Certified

Legacy Health Strategies is Centerfirst certified. Centerfirst helps healthcare leaders maximize the value of their call centers by delivering valuable quality monitoring insights from customer interactions to inspire and influence decisions.

Our Care Managers are all JOURNEY Learning certified.

Let’s enhance the patient experience with a custom case management solution. Contact Legacy today.