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Legacy Insights: Patient Engagement Strategies

Insights is Legacy’s professional consultative services, an imperative and integral part of the Legacy Care Model. We leverage Insights in everything we accomplish, from lead generation and patient acquisition to case management.

By leveraging industry insights based on more than 30 years of direct patient support experience, our strategic and tactical team delivers efficient, cost-effective, and customized solutions you can count on.

Customized Patient Engagement Solutions

Based on your business needs and resources, we offer end-to-end solutions or stand-alone patient engagement programs. These often involve:

  • Determining measurable outcomes
  • Patient acquisition
  • Activation to care
  • Therapy adherence and retention
  • Patient experience improvement
  • Compliance and regulatory oversight
  • Care management
  • Care manager training
  • Analyzing and acting on patient data

We are your proactive partner in a reactive world. We transform the patient experience to demonstrate value and outcomes in measurable and actionable ways.

Data Insights and Analysis

Legacy leverages data to describe, visualize, and summarize our information and processes to elevate the patient experience. This data leads to insights and recommendations to improve each initiative’s content and design to make it more engaging, increase efficiencies, and optimize outcomes for both clients and patients.

  • Program metrics
  • Patient behavioral data and attitudinal trends
  • Patient engagement
  • Care manager performance
  • Cross departmental analysis and 3rd party research
  • Legacy Care Model validation studies

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