Advanced workflow management technology ... it's essential if you want to transform the patient experience.

PATH 3.0: Advanced Workflow Management Technology for Patient Engagement

PATH, which stands for Patient Assistance Technology Hub, is a robust, HIPAA-compliant, integrated suite of patient engagement and workflow management tools. It is an essential software tool within the Legacy Care Model, and helps us ensure accountability, success, and ongoing patient engagement improvements.

We customize the PATH experience for each client’s business needs.

Personalizable, Scalable, and Essential

Designed to help care managers track and support patients in a personalized way while providing valuable data for analysis, PATH technology enables:

  • Workflow by role type
  • Secure messaging among administrators, care managers, pharmacists, and patients
  • Custom enrollment options from microsites to web forms to APIs
  • Unlimited workflows, event triggers, business rules, and more
  • Workflow automation among calls, emails, assessments and more per role type
  • Dynamic, branching assessments

With this patient engagement software, care managers can now receive timely and actionable insights into the patient’s journey, increase the number of patients they can support, and ultimately help keep patients more adherent to their treatment plans.

PATH technology is fully interoperable with third-party systems and can be configured to allow inbound and outbound data flows governed by validation and business rules.

Patient Assistant Technology Hub Use Examples

  • Need a comprehensive care management framework for consistency, accountability, and visibility for stakeholders?
  • Need to record a full audit trail and ensure security across device and software to satisfy strict regulatory requirements?
  • Wish you could integrate complex features and functions into a single application suite?

See how PATH can improve and streamline your patient engagement efforts. Request a demo.