How patient engagement directly affects outcome-based payments

August 17, 2018

Patient Engagement Affects Outcome-Based PaymentsAs we look at value-based, outcome-based payments, it’s increasingly important to have an engaged patient. Understanding the patient’s journey, where the cliffs and gaps are, and where abandonment occurs is critical. Sometimes it becomes very clear in the programs we have developed that we are losing patients because they start to feel better. They think they are cured, so they stop treatment. If we know this is a possibility and if we have built the necessary trust, our care teams can educate and support the patients through those crucial times and prevent fall-off.   

Knowing that the patient engagement methodologies employed by care teams can directly affect adherence and abandonment permits us to develop interventions that can significantly increase adherence. The predictive analytics we employ are the signal of those events, and help us from having patients just disappear.