The four questions patients are always afraid to ask

April 13, 2018

Questions Patients Ask

Patients basically have four questions that are never spoken. The first is, ‘Can I trust you?’ The second is, ‘Are you the best and committed to excellence?’ The third question is, ‘Do you care about me? Do you know me? Do you know what my hopes and fears are? I’m not like everybody else.’ And the last question is, ‘Is there hope?’  

We believe these are critically important questions to understand because EVERY patient has them—had them ten years ago—and will have them ten years from now, because human nature doesn’t change. When we are first diagnosed, our thoughts go to; ‘I don’t know anything about this disease. What’s going to happen to me? How do I get help? Who’s there for me? Has anybody gone through this before? How do I know what to do?’ There is always a desire for a patient to get educated, supported, and ultimately find a resource for their treatment. 

We’ve heard a lot about “building trust” as a key factor in developing patient relationships. Trust is not just a word, it’s a relationship. Legacy’s JOURNEY® Learning has been the training of choice for the past ten years for pharmaceutical and device companies who really understand the benefits they can bring to patients through well trained, trusted care teams.  

Finally, I’d like to leave you with this thought:  If the patient perceives trust-building is driven primarily by self-interest…it will quickly become evident that interactions are neither authentic nor sustainable.